My debut single ‘The Journey’ has released! Please check out my Bandcamp to listen and buy!

I am excited to release my debut single ‘The Journey’ which is now available to listen to and buy on Bandcamp from the link above. The Journey is a set of two original compositions I have been working on over a number of months.

My title track ‘The Journey’ originally started as a challenge by the wonderful team at Unredacted Productions to compose a big, dramatic orchestral piece – something I had not had the opportunity to do whilst working on ‘The Void OST’ by Jordan Bryan and myself. For me, this was a challenge, as I had never written for brass before, nor for such a large ensemble. I named it ‘The Journey’ because I feel this piece is both evocative of a journey, and also echoes my own personal journey of composition that has led to the creation of this piece.

The second piece on my single is ‘Old Friends’. Whilst working on ‘The Void OST’, my compositions had a rather nostalgic feel to them – a style that was complimented by my listeners, and a style which I love composing in. I knew that for my debut single I had to compose another piece, which once again captured that peaceful, nostalgia tone, but also showed my development in this style since ‘The Void’. As this was composed purely for musical enjoyment rather than a stage play, I left behind the overly repetitive nature of my previous work, and created a multi themed, constantly developing composition which captures my own memories of my first two years at college with my incredible friends. This piece weaves a familiar theme throughout whilst exploring independent ideas, much like the many memories I have from those two years, all joined together by a theme that varies itself but remains familiar throughout the piece.

These two compositions were created using industry standard VST’s (virtual instruments). I used Spitfire Audio’s: Albion One and Gwilym Simcock felt piano. I also used Native Intruments: Kontakt 5 and The Gentleman Piano.

Finally I have a few people who I would like to thank for their time, feedback and encouragement for this project. Firstly the amazing people at Unredacted Productions (go check them out) for their feedback and musical genius when I’ve run into problems, Joel and Ben for their fantastic feedback and advice, and Mum and Dad for their patience, support and constant supply of snacks.

I hope you all enjoy ‘The Journey’. I would be very grateful for anyone who would like to buy my album. It is only £1 (unless you want to donate a bit more) and helps support a young musician who has worked very hard to create this single.