Sam Cheshire’s debut EP ‘A New Utopia’ is being released 26th August 2019

It has been a delight to work as Harpist, Sound Engineer and Producer on Sam Cheshire’s experimental debut EP ‘A New Utopia’.

The EP is an unconventional and genreless collection of three pieces, which comfortably merge organic and artificial sounds to echo the dystopian theme of his novel by the same name, that is currently being written.

The choice of instruments – predominantly electric guitar and harp, are used to convey these themes, both subtly warped to suggest the uncertainty of this dystopian soundscape. Poetry and the repetition of phrases from the novel create a unique collection of pieces, that merge music and soundscapes to create a brilliantly unique debut EP, that is powerful and unconventional.

I have really enjoyed sound engineering and producing all tracks, as well as working as harpist and co-composer on tracks 2 and 3.

‘A New Utopia’ will be released 26/08/19 by Sam Cheshire with Unredacted Productions. You can follow Sam on Instagram @samcheshireuk or on Facebook.