I am delighted to announce the release of my latest EP ‘Pathways’, on 01/09/19.

‘Pathways’ consists of three tracks. The title track ‘Pathways’ is a vibrant and upbeat orchestral piece, composed in a style that has developed from my previous release ‘The Journey’. The second is ‘Chasing Waves’ – a piece inspired by a piece of art which shows a child trying to catch the waves, which is suggested by the playful (albeit dramatic) folk-inspired theme. The final piece is ‘November’ – a piece that is reminiscent of the compositional style that emerged during my work on ‘The Void OST’, with a haunting piano that I find evocative of the ethereal silence that only ever seems to exist when there is snowfall.

As my music is always inspired by the events and sights around me, I have begun a theme of naming my albums so that they represent my life and the world around me in some way. I chose my title ‘Pathways’ as I felt that the album is evocative of the many travels, opportunities and ‘pathways’ that have been presented to me throughout this year. I decided to end with ‘November’, as I felt that as joyful as the first two themes are, it would be more powerful, and perhaps truer to life, to end with the bittersweet melody of ‘November’, which has the melancholy of the introspective state of mind that occurs to me at the end of the year, but the ultimate joy I find looking back on all the things that have happened.

I have been lucky to have had some amazing people inspiring me to write this EP, giving me encouragement and constant advice. Firstly thanks to the fantastic folks at Unredacted Productions for all the advice and for suggesting that I release through Amuse, and thanks to Mum, Dad, Emily, Ben, Sam and Joel for all the feedback and advice.

I have been very lucky to release through Amuse free music distribution alongside Unredacted, which means my music will not only be on Bandcamp this time, but also Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Please consider buying my album, as it helps me to save for new equipment for my music!

I hope you enjoy ‘Pathways’ as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Until the next release!