About me

I was first introduced to the Harp in early 2007 watching a harpist on Blue Peter. I immediately fell in love with the instrument and (after much pestering) I began lessons on the Lever Harp later that year. I worked my way through the grades and achieved a distinction in my Grade 8 Lever Harp in 2018. Sometime in March 2016 I first encountered the Welsh Triple Harp at a hands on harp day in Abergavenny. I was instantly drawn in by the myths of it’s impossibility to play, and the fond memories of listening to Rhes Ganol as a child. Not long after my first encounter, I was playing at the Llanover ‘Harpathon’ raising money for the Abergavenny National Eisteddfod, and was challenged to play the Triple Harp. Cross eyed I managed my way through 20 minutes of Welsh Gypsy Music, and simultaneously discovered my passion for the Welsh Triple harp. Since 2016 I have been playing the Triple Harp professionally and have been taught by and performed alongside Robin Huw Bowen. I have performed in various concerts including; ‘Yn ôl i Lanofer – Back to Llanover’, with six other Triple Harpists in Lady Llanover’s drawing room at Tŷ Uchaf in 2016, Gregynog Festival 2016 celebrating 200 years of Telynor John Roberts, Cwlwm Celtaidd 2017, and the 2016 and 2018 National Eisteddfods. I am also the winner of the John Weston Thomas prize 2018 at the Cardiff National Eisteddfod for Solo Folk Instrument, and I also accompanied a dance group on the Grand Pavilion stage. I also had an interview featured on BBC Radio Wales Celtic Heartbeat. I hope in the future, to continue in the footsteps of Robin Huw Bowen, and pass on the Welsh Triple Harp and Welsh Romany Gypsy musical traditions to the next generation of Triple Harpists, and keep the unbroken aural traditions alive for another generation.

In addition to being a harpist, I am also a Composer and Sound designer. I began working with Unredacted Productions in February 2018 and worked with them to rebrand their label. I began working with them as a Media Consultant and Freelance Composer and released ‘The Void’ OST composed by Jordan Bryan and myself through Unredacted in the summer of 2018. I am currently preparing to release my new single ‘The Journey’ later this month, and I am preparing to begin work on two new albums. I am also the Resident Sound Designer of Hereford Sixth Form College’s Upstage Production Company and I am hoping to pursue a career in Technical Theatre alongside my work as a Harpist and Composer.

I am available to play at a variety of events as a Welsh Triple Harpist, and I will be performing in a number of concerts across 2019.

Please follow my pages to stay up to date with my performance calendar. Gareth Swindail-Parry

Composer – Sound Designer – Harpist

Youth Representative for Clera – The Society of the Traditional Instruments of Wales

Media Consultant and Freelance Composer at Unredacted Productions