Composition and Sound Design

Gareth is a passionate sound designer for theatre, and composer. Since 2016 he has been working as Assistant and Head sound designer for Upstage Production Company in Hereford, and has released 3 albums.

In early 2018, Gareth began working with an emerging sound label called Unredacted Productions. He was originally brought on as a consultant for their rebrand, but stayed on as Media Manager as well as freelance Composer and Producer. In the summer of 2018, Jordan Bryan (of Unredacted) and Gareth were commissioned to compose the sound track for a original stage play called ‘The Void’ by Lauren Williams. Gareth composed half of the soundtrack and worked as Assistant Sound Designer in the live shows. The soundtrack was produced as a CD and quickly became Unredacted’s highest selling album. He recently released his debut single ‘The Journey’ in February this year and has just releases his latest EP ‘Pathways’.

Gareth continues to work as Upstage’s resident Sound Designer and Composer and hopes to pursue Technical Theatre as a career, alongside his work as a Welsh Triple Harpist and Composer. He is also an active member of Unredacted Productions and has recently sound engineered and produced Sam Cheshires experimental debut EP ‘A New Utopia’, as well as worked on the project as a harpist.

Gareth is available to compose on commision for theatre and media products and games and can be contacted via the contact form on this website.